Being an Inspirational Music Artist in Los Angeles, CA

Feel motivated and excited every day when listening to Brooke Branning, an inspirational music artist in Los Angeles, CA. As a singer-songwriter, I mainly perform pop, rock, and anthems that are positive and rhythmic for everyone. My goal is to write songs that resonate with people and encourage them to join an activism movement or promote democracy.

Believing in the potential to improve the world and people’s lives through music, I perform every beat with purpose and passion. My tunes are well-known for their vibrant sounds and thought-provoking themes that encourage listeners to dance and join an important cause. Every note and lyric is a call to action and a reminder to make choices that promote unity.


Activism in Harmony

In a world of social injustice, it’s important to encourage and support individuals in different ways, including music. Artists with upbeat commercial music and anthems in Los Angeles can easily stand out with their commitment to activism. Not only is music a great opportunity to find like-minded people who are passionate about equity and clean energy, but it also is a unifying force that inspires action and awareness. That’s why the power of my exciting and danceable hit singles lies in their ability to connect and build relationships with listeners who need purpose and empowerment.

Brooke Branning

About Brooke Branning

I love writing music that inspires, makes you dance, feel good, believe in yourself, and stand up for humanity, our planet, democracy, and our future.

I’m working on partnerships to create campaigns that inspire, educate, and entertain. I help campaigns that highlight love, unity, equality, and democracy. Spreading good news, innovative ideas, clean products, and solutions that help improve the world and make people’s lives better.

Please contact me if you are looking to bring awareness to your brand, service, or platform with any of the music you hear on my album Love’s Proof or on my two previous albums on Spotify, Apple Music, etc. I can also write something custom, authentic, and exciting for your next project.

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